Wednesday, June 23, 2010

so I had a seizure.

It was a lesson. I ran out of pills and couldn't get more before the weekend. I was out of anti-seizure medication so it was a big deal. Father's day my arm felt funny. Really heavy and tingly. I had a doctors appointment monday morning so I just kept telling myself all I had to do was make it till then and she would get me more pills. I went to go sit down and must have fallen. I remember screaming for Blake but he was outside and couldn't hear me. My parents and Sister did, as well as Isabella who was in the room with me. My mom came in and I was sitting on the floor, she thought it was just a fall but then I told her I didn't feel right. I went into a grand mal seizure. I bit the inside of my mouth and blood began to trickle out. It freaked my dad out . My parents called 911.. The ambulence took me to palomar hospital, where I was supposed to go later that day for rehab. At the hospital they did blood work and a cat scan. Everything looked fine just the lack of pills for a few days. The dr, explained that in the event that I run out of pills again to just go into the hospital and a dr will get me a prescription. All said and done it was scary but no real damage. Just really tired. Guess I'm really not ready to be off anti-seizure medication.

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