Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The ABC's of me

A.- age 26
B-bed size- king
C-chore you dislike the most- laundry
D- dog? Keira she was a gift to me right before my wedding from blake

E-Essential start to your day- way too many pills and soda

F-Favorite color- Pink

G-Gold of silver- white gold or silver

H- height -5'8"

I- Instruments you've played- none

J-Job life, deli, cashier. preschool teacher, nanny

K-Kids- Isabella(4.5)

L-Live- San Diego, CA

M- Mom's name- Sheri
N- Nicknames- never really had one
O- overnight hospital stays, stayed one night when I had Isabella, stayed one month exactly when I had the stroke
P- pet peeves- people who think they know everything about everything
Q- quote from a movie- "I can't believe I gave my panties to a geek"
R- Righty or lefty for politics- Depends on the issue
S- Siblings Katrina- almost 23 Trisha almost 24
T-time you wake up on weekdays Somewhere around eight unless I can get up later
U-Underwear- one of the few items of clothing I like buying. 
V-Vegetable You don't like- Green beans never have liked them
W-What makes you late- over sleeping and Isabella taking forever
X- X-ray you have had- about a million most recent was dental
Y- Yummy food you make- tacos
Z- zoo animal favorite- lion cubs