Thursday, July 1, 2010

blogs and moving

We are moving on Saturday I can’t think too hard about it or I start having seizure symptoms from the stress. I am excited but even that puts my body under stress. I just keep reminding myself that I just need to make it through the move and the first few weeks. Then I will feel more relaxed and confident about the move. There is just so much pressure on this move to be so many different things. A positive thing for my marriage. A chance to give Bella some more stability and hopefully improve her behavior. It also will hopefully be the start of Blake and I improving our finances even further and a fresh start. With all that expected from this move it’s no wonder I am feeling so overwhelmed by it.

So now the plan is to learn to relax. To plan and be organized so that there is less to be stressed about. Through my occupational rehab we are working on guided imagery to bring my heart rate down, help my breathing level out. Then to be able to focus on one problem or concern at a time and put the rest away.
I’m also a big fan of distraction. My new way to distract is by checking out blogs. There are so many beautiful, funny and inspiring blogs to read out there.

A few of my favorites:
1 Enjoying the small things. An amazing blog that is a pleasure to read. It also is full of wonderful photography which I am inspired by. Check it out and enjoy. So many amazing ideas about things to do with Isabella and how to just be happier.aslso a big source of inspiration in my own blog. She is who I would choose to be when I grow up if I coulld choose.

2. Fun site with lots of party ideas. Also has some great pictures. Might even try a few with Isabella’s birthday coming up soon.
3. a hilarious blog about horrible professional cakes.
4. a blog about building furniture. Someday I hope to try to build something off of here.

There are so many more but these are a few that I visit frequently. My hope is also to keep working on my blog and pursuing photography. It isn’t easy for me to take pictures now with how week my hand is. The hope is someday to have people come to my blog and be inspired by what I have to say and what I do. The next few years are going to be quite a journey. Hopefully how I handle it and what I make from it will help someone. If you have a favorite blog please leave a link to it in the comments. I would love to hear of some new blogs I haven’t discovered yet.
I will not post for a few days with moving. But hopefully will have some pictures of the new place when I return.

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