Sunday, June 13, 2010


So one thing I have learned through recovery is that I need to break up the overwhelming into more manageable pieces. So instead of thinking about what the next year or two years will be like I'm breaking it down to this summer. What to I want Summer 2010 to look like, what to I want to do and achieve.

My summer to-do's:
1: work on this blog, follow other blogs, learn how to build this one up
2: Photograph EVERYTHING learn by doing

3. get a mani pedi with my little one.

4. start driving. driving = freedom and boy do I need some freedom

5. build friendships

6. go to the beach ( even if can't walk my little one can and she wants to go )

7. get stronger and heal

8. Take a mini-vacation with blake and heal us.

9. take a moment to just be grateful for what I have

10. take a moment to thank people who need thanking.

11. Go for a picnic by the lake with Blake and Bella

12. Feed some ducks

13. Lie on a blanket with my girl and watch the clouds.

14. start enjoying what is instead of focusing on what isn't.

15. be happy

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