Friday, June 18, 2010

what I'm doing to recover

Right now the stage of recovery that I am in is out patient rehab at the same hospital where I stayed the month I was admitted. . At the hospital I was in in-patient from there when I went home I had in home rehab for three months. . I have Occupational therapy (OT) which focuses on gaining strength back in my left arm and learn to make it more functional. I also have physical Therapy (PT). The focus of this rehab is to get me walking and using my left leg again.
It is hard I have lost just about all muscle tone in my body. Since the left side of my body doesn’t move well I haven’t used it much. My strength is all but gone and my endurance is very low and I fatigue easily. I have both types of rehab three times a week for 45 minutes each. Back to back. I am usually pretty tired and sore afterwards. I have a at home routine for my lower and upper left side. Only working out one side of my body leaves me with a fear that I will be horribly uneven with a strong left side and a week right side. I am also going to be starting horse therapy sometime soon. It should help me get some strength in my core as well as improve my walking. Having never really spent much time around horses we shall see how this goes. It should be fun and anything that helps me recover that is also enjoyable I am willing to try. Plus Isabella will enjoy getting to see the horses and watching me ride. I'm trying to do morephysical things, swimming and walking around more to build up my endurance.
I hope to see great improvements over this summer. With the big hope being to be walking in a couple months. Oh how I miss being able to walk. You take it for granted being able to walk. To just go where you want to go when you want to. For those of you who can walk appreciate that and try not to take it for granted. I know I didn’t value being able to but why would I. Who would ever think to appreciate something that comes so naturally?

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