Sunday, January 2, 2011

resolutions for 2011

So here they come. Resolutions for 2011. I need this year so badly to go smooth. I haven't had a good year the last couple of years. 2009 my husband, Blake was in a car accident because he passed out while driving. We found outhat the passing out was actually a seizure caused by epilepsy. so 2009 was a rough year. Then our cat died also the same month as the accident. Then 1010 was the stroke. Then it's been a series of bad decisions financially. So this year i am going to do my best to have an amazing year. So what do I resolve to do this year.

1. Blake and I are only going to go to target /walmart 12 times this year. that means we will have to plan out what we get better and not impulse buy. I'm hoping this will help with not over spending and also with not bringing in more unneeded things into our house.

2. pay off all debt. We don't really have too much but with me only getting dissability and not being able to work we can't pay down a lot each month. We have a little in credit card debt, the remainder of what we owe on Blakes car and my medical bills which isnt too bad thanks to good insurance. It would just be nice to not have any debt hanging over us.

3.Loose some weight. I would like to lose about 30 to 40 pounds I think if I commit to doing it I should be able to do it pretty quickly. I don't try at all now so a little effort should go far.

4. start school again and do well this year. I need to make up for the year lost do to the stroke. I'm starting slowly but if it goes well I can take more classes next semester.

5. Above all do my best to keep my family healthy. colds, flu are going to happen but no hospital stays or major illness or injury.

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