Friday, December 31, 2010

2010's resolutions

So with 2010 coming to a close and 2011 about to start its time for some new resolutions but lets see how I did this year.

1move by valentines day. technically I did move on Feb 1 but had to move back in Moved back but was out again by July. I'm counting this a success.

2. go on more dates. I think we could have been better about this but we still had a few.

3. I had three goals having to do with being a better mom more patient, less TV time more activities. These didn't go so well but to be honest I'm just glad I made it through this year. I also got Bella into school which gives her more socialization and activities.

4. do a 5k. technically I was there but I was pushed in a wheelchai the whole way but again not my choice or fault.

5. drink less soda. This one I failed at. Its my fault

So as a whole I didn't do so well but I only had a month before the stroke so I didn't have a real year to get things accomplished.
So I'm going to make new resolutions for this year and I hope I get the full year to do them I hope to make a post about them tomorrow

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