Thursday, April 29, 2010

The first week

The stroke happened on Monday February 2 and a lot of that day is clear. but I dont have another clear day till Tuesday February 9. I remember my parents staying there and watching TV with me that tuesday .after the seizure on the 2nd all I remember is wanting my feeding tube out and ripping it out. It was uncomfortable and I knew I was supposed to leave it alone but I didn’t care. I just kept pulling it out and they would put it back in and then have to take me down for an x-ray I guess. I just didn’t care I knew not to but I hated it. They even had to restrain me to try to stop me but I don’t remember that. I just figured they would eventually leave me alone. It didn’t feel good to pull it out but I wanted it gone. Even after getting up to intermediate care I still don’t think I understood what was going on yet. I know someone said stroke at some point but I didn’t really understand and I had very little knowledge of stroke before this. I knew it was serious because I was still there but not to what extent or what was going to happen. I also got my hair cut around this time and have a little memory of that but couldn’t have told you it was that week things are a little confusing around that time. My parents watched TV with me and then at some point I was moved to the rehab floor. I don’t know if it was that day or not Rehab is where I spent most of my hospital visit. I also guess I didn’t move floors that quickly but it bleeds together. I guess around this time I started moving a little bit but don’t remember much. Actually most of my information about this period of time I’ve got from reading facebook updates from my family most of which I didn’t even know had happened. It was a chaotic time and scary for me. I did pass my swallowing test around then so I could drink without choking. Then they removed the feeding tube and I could begin to eat.

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